Cost Containment

We recognise our responsibility to control costs effectively, and our cost containment processes start with the first call. Our team of medical professionals and network of travel agents ensure that each patient receives appropriate care and is brought home as soon as it is safely possible, avoiding the stress and cost of unnecessary treatment and hospitalisation.

Every bill is then audited by experienced cost containment agents, all of whom have in-depth knowledge of the billing practices in their country, and who work closely with us and with providers to obtain the best possible price for the treatment.

We work with numerous cost containment companies across the principal risk areas and bespoke agents for ad hoc negotiations in the lower volume markets where there are still high costs.

The range and breadth of cost containment entities we work with has given us a unique insight into the ones that work and those that look good on paper.

Cost management

Cost management is the correct medical management and operational control of a case, which can lead to far better customer service by getting the policyholder (patient) out of hospital and back home/to their holiday as soon as possible, reducing costs, stress and anxiety.

"Global Response has the lowest ‘average length of hospital stay’ versus any of their other European clients."
- A principal U.S. cost containment provider